Twitch Drops

Watch livestreams and get rewards.

  • *Twitch Drops can only be received for the PC version (BNID, Steam).

About Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops are free items granted to players who watch participating streams on

Connect your Bandai Namco ID, Steam account to Twitch by using the link below.
Once linked, you can receive rewards by watching Drops-enabled GUNDAM EVOLUTION streams.

When conditions are met and you receive a Drop, click the Claim Now button in a timely manner. The reward will be saved in your Present Box in game. Note that Present Box rewards will disappear if not claimed within the preset period.

Campaign Participation Flow

  1. STEP 1

    Log into your GUNDAM EVOLUTION account.

  2. STEP 2

    Log into your Twitch account and connect the account from STEP 1.

    Log into Twitch.
  3. STEP 3

    Once connected, watch a participating
    GUNDAM EVOLUTION livestream on Twitch.


Drops are rewards for watching participating livestreams.
To receive Drops, you must follow the campaign participation flow and connect your game account with your Twitch account.
Watch streams from the designated category on Twitch to receive rewards.
Participating streams will have the tag "Drops Enabled" in the title.
See here to check how to join the Twitch Drops campaign and how to claim items.
Drops can be claimed using a web browser on Windows/Mac, or the Twitch app on Android/iOS devices.
Note that Drops are not supported for TV apps on console game systems or smart TVs.
Regions eligible for Twitch Drops are the same as available regions of the game. See here for details.
To remove the connection with your Twitch account, log into the Twitch account you wish to edit and access this page. Go to "Other Connections" and select "Disconnect" from GUNDAM EVOLUTION.
To change the connected Twitch account, access the GUNDAM EVOLUTION Twitch Drops page, log out, then repeat the steps from STEP 1 to connected the Twitch account of your choosing.
Current: Check to see your GUNDAM EVOLUTION account is properly connected to your Twitch account.
To claim rewards, check that the procedure on this page has been followed:
Note that claiming rewards may take time.
The console version of GUNDAM EVOLUTION will terminate alongside the end of service for the PC version.
You can find details regarding the end of service here.